Saturday, November 7, 2015

Has anyone seen Ella Enchanted?

Ella Enchanted I have realized is very similar to Hamlet, but the movie does make Ophilias character the main focus. At the begging of the movie Elle has been given the gift of obedience, so she must do what everyone tell her to do, including the evils king wish to not love the prince and kill him instead. This evil king, the audience finds out in a flash back, has poised his brother, the former king, so that he could be the next ruller. Not to mention he has an accomplice that is a snake, which is similar to hamlet because the story told of how Hamlit Sir died was via snake bit. Back to Ella, sorry for the spoiler, but she is able to break free of her obedience spell in the end and marry the prince. I do not know if Ophilia will be able to go against her father and brothers word to not have relations with Hamlet yet but if the movie follows some of the courses of the play maybe Ophilia and Hamlet will be able to be together. 

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Belin Manalle said...

I've never thought of it that way Anastasia. But I totally see your point. However, in my opinion, I do not agree with Ophelia's actual actions in "Hamlet". Unlike Ella Enchanted, Ophelia is her own person and is able to make her own decisions. I understand that it is fictional and that Shakespeare had a set plot for "Hamlet" but I believe that the play could've gone a completely different direction if Ophelia would've gone for Hamlet and disregarded the words of her father as opposed to acting like she was bewitched and had no mind of her own. I think that instead of Polonius plotting against Hamlet with Claudius, he may have been in Hamlet's favor once he realized how much his daughter loved him.