Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I found the articles we looked at today in Humanities so interesting today. My favorite article was about Luther. I had never read that article before, and it surprised me that Martin Luther would have given such a strange tidbit of advice to a woman. He basically told his subject, "if your husband does not impregnate you, tell him that he has to give you consent to get impregnated by one of his brothers so that you preserve both your and his honor." I was so shocked at Luther saying this, because I feel as if this is almost deceitful; people would think that the child was the offspring of the husband and the wife, when in reality the child is the product of the wife and a third party (with consent by the husband...but still!) Knowing that everyone in class today found this article to be the most impressive, I wonder what the reaction was in Luther'a time.


Belin Manalle said...

My favorite article from class today was Document 7. I was absolutely stunned while reading this article. John Knox basically says that women are no where near the same level as man. He says that God specifically deemed for men to be in power and not women. Personally, I would like to know when John Knox talked to God to get this information. What made him think that he had the power to interpret God's thoughts? To me, the article isn't even a legitimate source of knowledge. I do retain knowledge from it, about how women were seen during that time though. Knox is literally just bashing women in any way that he can. He even at one point says that if women were put into power, it would be like the blind running a territory. Overall, the article is super disrespectful but it was honestly my favorite in terms of entertainment.

Cheyenne Dwyer said...

While I don't think I had a favorite, I agree with the both of you that both of those documents were very surprising and entertaining. My vision of Martin Luther has been extremely disfigured by that document. On the one hand, he's saying that women have the right to bear children and if your husband can't give you that then he is disgracing your honor, but on the other hand, he is placing all of a woman's honor and value on her having children. Luther's statement that if your husband cannot give you children then you should have them with his closest relative really shocked me. It also made me wonder, I guess adoption wasn't a thing at that point.

Document 7 reminded me of the backlash that came from Hillary Clinton running for president. People were stating that a woman should not be given the power to rule a country because they are too emotional and compulsive. Document 7 literally stated that giving authority to a woman would be like giving authority to someone who is blind. Which is rude to both parties. I find Elizabeth exceptional and her speech to be sad and inspiring.