Saturday, May 2, 2015

Unbearable Lightness in Review

  • Themes
    • Lightness v. Weight
    • Body v. Soul
    • Sex v. Love
    • Fate v. Chance
  • Symbols
    • Bowler hat
    • Anna Karenina
    • Karenin
    • Suitcase
    • Photos
  • Quotes
    • "'Not at all,' said Tereza. 'They're the same.' Neither the editor nor the photographer understood her, and even I find it difficult to explain what she had in mind when she compared a nude beach to the Russian invasion."
    • "He had gone back to Prague because of her. So fateful a decision resting on so fortuitous a love, a love that would not even have existed had it not been for the chief surgeon's sciatica seven years earlier. And that woman, that personification of absolute fortuity, now again lay beside him, breathing deeply."

1 comment:

Sri Korrapati said...

I think the themes light vs weight, body vs. soul, and love vs. sex are different aspects of the same larger theme Kundera is trying to make, so talking about these clashing ideas would further make that point. I also think the idea of using Oedipus to discuss Communism was interesting. Kundera there makes a point to show how one is accountable for their actions rather than their intent.