Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ten Things I'll Miss From Humanities

  1. The fact that we always seem to go off on some random tangent for twenty minutes at a time and almost never get back to discussing the book/history.
  2. The incredibly detailed discussions we do have about books/history.
  3. The one desk I sat in all year (far side of the class room turn up).
  4. The interesting life advice that I received from Ms. King, Mrs. Quinet, and all of you.
  5. The connections we all made between different books, authors, and historical events.
  6. Projects! They were fun, I got to act at one point! We even sang that one time and that was cool
  7. Blog posts - not always informative, but often fun to read
  8. Henri, the Existential Cat
  9. Y'all
  10. Ms. King and Mrs. Quinet

What I have learned:
The simple answer to this equations is a lot. I have learned about different authors, about history, and about the creative mind. The last of those three was particularly interesting to me, and is something we did not explicitly talk about in class. The creative mind, I believe, is actually close to the scientific one, thank you Vladimir Nabokov and Pale Fire. An artist can't just pull things out of thin air and, even if it seemingly does, there is always some advanced, thinking process involved. No matter how spontaneous art may seem, the artist background or ideals always affect it and inadvertently formulate a step-by-step way for creation. Each artist has there own process. I found this idea of the artistic/creative mind interesting because I realized that everyone has one. Much like God (or the Gods) created a reality for us to live in, we humans have the ability to make our own realities through creation, whether that be literature, art, businesses, medicine, or life.

My point is that I never would have understood these things if I did not taking the humanities course. I am happy with my decision to take the class and have had an incredible and memorable experience. I would even go as far to say that it has been my favorite course throughout all of my high school career and I am sad that I have to leave it behind.

Class of 2016, if you're reading this, then take Humanities. In the short run, the course is unlike anything you've ever had before and you will most likely have a lot of fun. In the long run, colleges really dig these kinds of courses and it might even be a determining factor for you're admission.

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