Saturday, May 2, 2015

Likes and Dislikes

1. Wonderful, constructive class. I would urge those who REALLY DON'T want to take it to not. You'll probably hate it. You have to WANT to do the work.

2. Accommodating teachers. I appreciate y'all being flexible with test dates and projects

3. Work Load. Manageable, but you must manage your time well. You're expected to read the material. You're a senior now, so they're might not be a reading quiz every day, but READ

4. Open discussions. You can really contribute anything to a discussion, if it pertains to it. Try to keep it on track, but the class will pass around your idea and it's super constructive

5. Helpful students. I love you guys. We all helped each other with notes and tests and we really camp to gather

6. Dante's Inferno paper

7.  Candide, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Dante's Inferno, Metamorphosis

8. Quinet powerpoint projects on music, art, photography, plays, etc

9. Sri, Joey, Alex, Iris, Ross, Isabel, Tiffany and Bre


1. Obviously, I didn't enjoy every single book we read. I did not enjoying Midnight's Children, but probably because I was getting progressively lazier (unfortunately)

2. Independent study, but that was my fault. I disliked my book (Slaughterhouse-Five) because the themes confused me. If you're reading this, maybe you'll understand the book better than me

3. I liked learning the history of the art and books (Mrs. Quinet), but reading Arts and Ideas confused me sometimes, and I liked hearing a verbal history better.

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