Friday, May 1, 2015

A time capsule

Dear Class of erhmm, what year is it now?

I assume the Class of 2016 has the best shot at viewing this post but ya never know, I scrolled back through some old posts earlier this year (I mean around the conception of the blog old) {I'm talking Mrs. Scandurro was still an English teacher old} [I'm talking about like 2007....woah 8 years ago]. However, this blog is a giant archive which I think is really cool. Much like a great spiritus mundis, everything from every humanities class for the past 8 years is on this thing. As a class we have added to this collection, these pages of history, this collective knowledge that we all have access to. I am graduating this year - 2015 - and I have seen changes; however, there's one thing that does not change, no matter how much we want it to - literature. Authors often use immortalizing conceits that affirm that they will live on through their works since they will survive. So long as their works survive, they survive. So, as a senior that has just risen a bell, I have decided to make an immortalizing conceit of a sort. However, I've been writing it the whole year without even knowing it. Now when I say I, I should rather say our class. While the years might endlessly fly by with the unrelenting tick of the clock, our work, our jokes, our laughs, our sorrows, our panicked states before tests - those all stay behind on this site. This is a modern world, and we've been keeping a collective diary with all of these things. With unique thoughts that may have never been thunk before, we type on a greenish-blue screen. We jot down what comes to mind, whether it be literary or societal observations, we type. There are no rules here, there are only minds. Consciousnesses{all intertwined with one another. This isn't a place where we are concerned how many likes or retweets we receive, this is our classroom, an automated representation of the discourse of this course. So, with a click of the publish button I send to you, the St. Martin's (or global) Spiritus Mundis, my opinion of the blog, and a little bit of my high school spirit.


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