Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sup, Player!

Did you like the title of this post?

Yes? Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

No? Well, I tried my best. Oh, I know! I'll try some others! How about: The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding the Superfluous Encounter Between Ros, Guil, and the Players; or Thunder! Bang! Excitement!; Heads, Tails, Teads, Hails, and Whatnot; or Can You Find The Word Banana Hidden In This Post?

Still no? Well then what about.....

This could go on forever but that would be a waste of time; plus I was running out of titles. Anyway think of this gobbledegook you just read in the same way that you think of the Ros and Guil coin toss situation. Not only is it a supreme waste of time (hint, hint, this is important), but it is also very strange. "Very strange?" you say, "Please go on". Well I think I will, thanks for the encouragement! The coin always lands on heads and has been landing on heads for as long as the Ros and Guil remember.

However, there is one point when the coin does NOT land on heads and I think it's very important. There is a sound, described as thunder, that Ros and Guil hear right before the arrival of the players, the source of the bang. Now when I read this I immediately thought back to when we looked at Macbeth, and how whenever the universe would go out of whack there would be some sort of thunder or supernatural thing. *Cue Spooky Ghost Noises*. Now you may be saying, "Ha! One small detail does not a conclusion make! This guy is a dumb," and I would agree with your calling me a dumb if I did not have another detail. Our friend Guil speaks of a most peculiar thing while this is happening.

A Unicorn. Yes, the all mighty Unicorn, scourge of the animal kingdom and the ruler of everything unholy! Not really, I'm sure Unicorns are cool. Not like "I wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle" cool but more of a "Let me be your weird horse mentor" kind of cool. Plus magic *Throws Confetti*. Anyway, I am sure that the incident of thunder and a reference to the supernatural mean SOMETHING here, right? It is also interesting that the strange happenings surrounding Ros and Guil end only after the players leave.

What could this mean? Are the players some trigger for something larger? Are they perhaps a part of the Illuminati? To be honest I have no clue. In fact I want to know what y'all think about the matter. All I can say for sure is that they players do something to change the situation via their existence, and that it seems that the crash of thunder and the supernatural work opposite than in Shakespeare's plays. They seem to end the unbalance instead of accompany it.

Well, that's about as much as I have got to say. I hope you enjoyed this post because, as I'm sure you can tell (you're clever after all), I enjoyed typing it. I hope everyone has an awesome spring break, stays safe, and has fun.

Oh, I almost forgot! Banana


Sri Korrapati said...
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Sri Korrapati said...

I found the banana!!!!!!!!
Thanks for calling me clever.

But anyways I totally get where you were going with that whole "thunder is chaos" kinda vibe. In the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the janitor creates this machine that basically is like a portal to another dimension. Everything was opposite. Strict Mr. Mosby was fun, dumb London Tipton was smart and poor, Maddie was rich and stupid, ect.... Zack and Cody loved it at first but then after a bit they were like "Nah man, I needs ta go back" but they couldn't. They needed to wait for lightning to strike again for the universe to switch again. So that's what I was reminded of when you said thunder. I think it's commonly associated with flipping the universe.