Saturday, April 18, 2015

Midnight's Children Trailer

I think that watching the movie Midnight's Children will be really interesting to see after the reading the book, so I looked up the trailer and copied the link below. From the parts that are incorporated in the trailer that we've read about, it seems like it would be really good to watch. I'm interested to see what parts of the books are highlighted in the movie in order to depict the  identity crisis that Rushdi explains comes from the connection and struggle between the east and the west.  Check out the link below.


Bonnie Cash said...

I actually watched this too, Tiffany! I heard the movie got really good reviews and Huffington Post and the New York Times both have reviews for the movie. I think, since the book is sometimes hard to follow, it would be interesting to see it displayed before you. Perhaps it would be easier to follow in some parts AND it would be interesting to see which parts they could eliminate without confusing the story.

Breuna Westry said...

It's interesting because in the description of the youtube video it says that it was released with other blockbusters that were Hollywood made. It again shows westernization and a representation of their culture through an outsider influence instead of someone native to the land.