Saturday, April 18, 2015

 In class, we talked about the possibility of a post post modernism. Apparently, there is such thing. (I looked it up.) I thought that it might be  interesting to have people define what they think post post modernism would be.

 For example, I think that post postmodernism would have characteristics of immediacy and fragmentation. Immediacy because  in our current age of technology everything is immediately at our fingertips. We are not used to waiting. We are not used to being bored. Fragmentation  because like our predecessors of modernism and postmodernism we live in an increasingly fragmented world.


alex Monier said...

In an odd way, have we truly become more or less fragmented by technology? Arguably we are much closer to one another now than ever. I can contact my friends with a mere click of a button and easily get in touch with them within seconds. Simultaneously we choose to ignore each other when in person. What do y'all think? Are we more or less fragmented today?

Sri Korrapati said...

Tbh, I think technology like our phones enhances conversations. (showing people things for example)
Also, our phones hold a lot of memories that we jump back to, such as time hops.

I feel like post-post-modernism would definitely have elements of immediacy, but also very connected themes. We connect everything because we are connected to everything through technology. I think as a society, however, we are moving to reform what the generation before us could not. The environment, the inequalities of society, the ethical use of technology and science, ect... These issues have been around for a while, but now they are being taken more seriously.