Saturday, April 4, 2015

Don't Worry, This Is Not Another Nicki Post

Salman Rushdie man

In 1988 he published Satanic Verses and caused immediate controversy in the Islamic world. My aunt told me he was banned by the muslims, so I looked it up. In this book, he depicts Muhammad in a bad light. Basically, he writes that Muhammad added three goddesses in some last chapters to the Qur'an, but later states that the devil possessed him to write these. He retracts the last chapters, but Rushdie writes that the archangel Gibreel (Gabriel) was the one who told them.

The muslims were not happy. The spiritual leader of Iran ordered a fatwa, or legal Islamic opinion, for his execution. He had a bounty over his head, and he had to live under the police for seven years. Bookstores were firebombed, muslims all over the world burned copies of the book.

Rushdie came from a Muslim family, but now he's an atheist.

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