Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shesha's Avatar

I forgot to mention this in class when we were talking about the Ramayana.

You may have recalled me talking about Shesha, the companion naga (snake) of Vishnu. What I forgot to mention was that when Vishnu decides to send an avatar to earth, there is always an avatar of Shesha sent to assist the Vishnu avatar in whatever task needs to be done to maintain balance. In the Ramayana, Rama is told by the Gods that he is an avatar of Vishnu. This means that there is also an avatar of Shesha around. That avatar is Laksmana, the brother who decided to leave his home and his family to stay with Rama in his exile, who fought along with Rama against demons, and who aided Rama in his rescue of Sita.

I apologize that I forgot to mention this in class, as I feel it is an important point.


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Sri Korrapati said...

Adishesha is really interesting to me. My mom tells me Vishnu sleeps on Adishesha and Adishesha acts as a sort of umbrella to Vishnu. Especially with all his heads. It looks really cool:

Snakes are very much connected to Hinduism as many other animals are. Shiva is usually depicted with a snake around his neck. Also, there's this whole festival where people go to snake homes and pour milk in them. Hindus also believe that if you were to encounter a snake, praying would make it leave. Killing snakes does not have repercussions however. Snakes still have a dangerous potential. Most snakes involved in Hinduism are Cobras.