Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Siebel and Aphrodite

        We talked a lot about how Aeneas is not very good at keeping his priorities straight and seems to constantly need reminding. Well I think I have stumbled upon a genius discovery. This discovery being is that the Siebel acts as a mother figure for Aeneas because his current mother, Aphrodite, is never present and only shows up at random times. The Siebel helps Aeneas to keep going through the Underworld and prevent him from becoming distracted. The Underworld is one of the most pivotal times in the story in terms of the outcome of the future of Rome and the Siebel is partly responsible for this since she helped Aeneas so much.
        So, could we now say that Rome was founded, somewhat, by divinity and that the gods must have wanted Rome to be founded or else the Siebel, a divine figure, would not have helped Aeneas through the Underworld? This aspect of divinity would also add on to the idea that Octavian was a descendant of a god and therefore the city would have been divine under him alone, but now there is another aspect of divinity thrown into the picture. Was Rome the divine city? the promised city under the gods?


Austin Falk said...

This is a very good point. Rome would have never been founded if somebody wouldn't have kept Aeneus on track. You could also consider Mercury as a type of parenting figure as he is the one who got Aeneus back on track by reminding him that he needed to leave Dido and get back to his destiny of establishing a new Troy. The Gods really do help Rome become established.

Anonymous said...

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