Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Odd Description of Cerberus

As I was reading about Cerberus guarding the gluttons in the Inferno, I was surprised at Dante's description of the monster. What i have heard of the monster is that it is a three-headed dog, but in the Inferno it seems as if it is a 3 headed dog-like man. Maybe i am wrong, but i thought that Cerberus seemed like a person.  I had never encountered a description like this and it surprised me. I read up on Cerberus and found that he ate anyone who approached hell, making him a glutton, and therefore he is with the gluttons in hell. I don't know why but the description really stood out to me, andI think it could possibly symbolize something, but I don't know what. Anyone have any insight?

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Austin Falk said...

I think that maybe Dante purposely made him seem more like a human to have a greater effect on the epic. As you said, Cereberus is the perfect fit to guard the Circle of the Gluttons as his three heads and love of eating and destroying anything makes him a glutton himself. The human characteristics that Dante the poet gives him, might represent how many humans sometimes act like beasts themselves. No one would expect a plain three headed animal to have any morals or knowing of how to act correctly. However, Cereberus's human qualities make him appear to be more of a sinner himself as humans are expected to know better. Overall, this makes him a better fit as a guard monster in Hell.