Wednesday, October 17, 2012

French Karma?

In Marie de France's lays' good people tend to have good happen to them, even if it takes a while, and bad people tend to have bad things happen. The best example of "French Karma" is in Lanval, were Lanval, who is generous, kind, and loyal, receives love from a beautiful women for his good deeds. The queen, for her evil deeds, gets humiliated by having her lie exposed.

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Austin Falk said...

It is interesting, however, how the reader does not always feel like they should side and have sympathy for the reader in Marie de France's lays. For example, in Laustic, Marie de France makes us feel sympathy for the lady who looks out the window at the man she wants to be with even though what she is doing is wrong and is adultery. She is not necessarily the good person in this case, however, Marie de France makes us feel sympathy for her.