Thursday, October 25, 2012

Politics: Its Role

In Dante's The Divine Comedy, I believe that politics plays a role to educate its readers. The poem is not only a way for Dante to express his opinions on politics, as is seen in is many encounters with political enemies or corrupt politicians, but is also a way for Dante to warn the public and society that if it does not keep a level-head about itself and come to some sort of agreement over political problems, it could cause great dissension, war, and anarchy. This is seen in with the Guelphs and Ghibellines and later when the Guelphs split into the White and Black parties. Through The Divine Comedy and the use of the characters dispersed throughout the many levels of Hell, Dante is able to explore politics as he reasons with some of his arch-enemies and friends and even attacks others. By using both a character form the White Guelphs and one from the Black Guelphs, Dante is able to give his audience an understanding of the viewpoint from both sides of the argument, hopefully shedding light on the fact that society must come to some sort of consensus. 

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