Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rumi poems and interpretations?

One Rumi poem I liked was #25 on page 1045. It's short but it expresses the state of faith and wonderment, that many people struggle with. He calls God "Friend" and states their relationship: "anywhere you put your foot, feel me in firmness under you." this seems to be strongly related to the translation of "Muslim" which is one that submits to Allah. He faithfully and humbly and lovingly recognizes  Allah. Then he asks "how is it with this love, I see the world and not you?" the rest of his poems try to answer that question or make sense of it. They inspire others to look beyond materials and the physical world around them to connect fully with the spiritual essence of the world.  Sufism and other religions search to find god or the spirit and ask that same question. Other poems and interpretations?

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