Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Misogyny implies the hatred and denunciation of women. This term is brought up in this context because Augustine blames every encounter he has with women as a reason for his downfall. He is also driven by lust to them. However, there is one woman that stands out in his redemption, his mother Monica. There is a very strong idea/suggestion of Monica acting in the way that Marry did, as she was considered to be an intercessor (spiritual helper) for Christians. There is not much in between these two extremes. It is weird though that he blames women for his downfall because he also puts a lot of his blame on himself. So, he obviously doesn’t think all women are like this. In order to stop his lust he tries to get married, but in the end he renounces it all because he cannot get close enough to God with those distractions (family life and marriage distractions). What do you all think?

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