Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What characteristic of UMan do you possess?

UMan's flaws represent common idiosyncrasies within much of humanity. Given all of his quirks, I am certain that  everyone can identify with at least one of them. Embarrassingly enough, the choice was a hard one for me. I'm stuck between obsessive and paranoid. I'm obsessive because I find myself acting "OCD" and not being able to move on from things that aren't perfect, therefore holding up lots of other projects. I'm paranoid because I'm constantly worried about something, I often over think situations, and I am even guilty of reading too much into a conversation or event.

What UMan trait do you identify with?


Shaina Lu said...

The qualities you listed, I can definitively relate with. I think I would pick the same ones as well for me, but perhaps more obsessive than paranoid. Another thing I can relate with is the way he wrote. His self-analytical style with parenthetical commentary reminds me of the way I wrote sometimes in Mr. G's freshman English.

alyb said...

I think that the underground man posses qualities that everyone has. He is definitly just a blown up version of all of our insecurities. I often overthink things a lot which is sometimes a really bad quality. Thinking of all of the possible outcomes of a certain event does not always end the best way