Sunday, January 15, 2012

series of unfortunate events

ok - weird story; so I've had kids-book nostalgia on my mind again after reading Baudelaire. I don't know if it's this weird end-of-childhood feeling I've had all week or what but I keep coming back to this conversation I had after this workshop I ended up in a few weeks ago. Basically then I think that the base of all cultural literacy I have (which isn't all that much) comes from stuff I read when I was a kid: JK Rowling, Jack Perlutzky, and Lemony Snicket stuff. It's funny though because looking back on Series of Unfortunate Event especially with what we've been reading this week, I'm like damn, this stuff was totally refrenced over and over in a book I read when I was seven. I mean I'm not about to dig up and re-read these book again but from what I remember, I know that for sure T.S. Elliot, Dante, Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, the history of the Catholic church, people and events from history, The Old Testiment, Robinson Crusoe and probably other stuff too as far as I know were refrenced and playe a role in these books. I mean I kind of think it's funny that one of those book titles ("wide window") totally comes from one of my favorite poems by T.S. Elliot, I can never remember which but I'm pretty sure it' one of those really religous ones (might be one about the stairway to heaven with the man-eating purgatory-leopards.) Reading the poems (and don't get me wrong they are beautiful, beautiful poems) from Baudelaire's Pairs Spleen totally reminded of these books haha.

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