Tuesday, January 10, 2012

we dont need no education

UMan is totally "Pink" from the wall.
- Both have just been rejected by the "love object" woman that neighter can really reach out to anymore
- Both feel completly isolated
- Both try to find connections with the ouside world but can't
- Both had bad experiences with school/were lonley as kids
- Both are self distructive
- Both lost one or both of their parents and/or lacked a father figure
- Both have built/are trapped behind the wall (UM's underground is his wall: the wall is the final seperation from "real life" that is built brick by symbolic brick with decicions and events that thrust him deeper into the underground, so for UMan, the underground is kind of the place behind the wall and he cant get out)

I was going to post a video but if you're not watching it from the beginning... it's a little diffrent than most movies; it's a psycological portrait of a man's decent into madness. I mean the main character's going insaine so he starts to hillucinate a little bit (for instance he becomes a combinaiton of hitler and stalin and later he shaves off his eyebrows) plus the actual wall only exists as a metaphor of his mind/madness. It's a great cool movie and a great album.

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