Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I found a list of over 200 different -isms.

For example:
utilitarianism - belief that utility of actions determines moral value
realism - doctrine that objects of cognition are real
naturalism - belief that the world can be explained in terms of natural force

It is definitely a useful website to keep on tabs.


ParkerC said...

This is a great point. I haven't learned these over my high school career and it has led to many google searches. It's kind of annoying how people add -ism to things and it becomes a concept, though.

alyb said...

I think another ism that would apply to the underground man is materialism. For instance he goes out and buys all new clothes just to attempt to run into the solider. I think he is preoccupied with stuff and what stuff can say about someone. He wants to be percieved as something he is not.