Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ok - I need to post this week because I always end up putting it off then remembering at like 11:40 on saturday... so here goes

Notes from the Underground Playlist:
1) Modern Love - David Bowie ("Don't belive in modern love"/"Never gonna fall for modern love/stands beside me (modern love)/walks on by..." and it goes on; its a seriously up-beat song that talks about secularism and modern isolation from God and man and love etc. plus it's Bowie... and Bowie rules.)
2) The New Underground - Guster
3) Jolene - Ray LaMontagne (really beautiful song about a guy in a tough place in his life, beat up and lying in a ditch, trying to find something to hold on to/dealing w/ emotions about a girl, chorus = "Still don't know what love means")
4) Money - Pink Floyd (UMan wants to reject the ideal of wealth and power in someways I think but cant reject it really, and still probably wants it... Money is a problem for UM)
5) Where is My Mind? - Pixies
6) Outsider - The Ramones
7) Conquest - The White Stripes (because UMan keeps telling himself he likes to conqure people)
8) Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan
9) I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Cheifs (Uman's world is pretty scary; he lives in poverty, he can't speak his mind w/o being hauled to Siberia and since '48 there's been revolutions all around him + on his own soil with the decembrist revolt and murder of the Tzar liberator... also I don't think UMan really likes the madness of his world and would like not to have to deal with it so BAM this song works)
10) Drain You - Nirvana (has UMan's outlook on love (at least outlook he tells himself to belive) kind of nailed)
11) I am a Rock - Simon & Garfunkle (this could be UMan's themesong)
11) Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (UMan = syd barret in a lot of ways - Syd is the former member of Pink Floyd that "The Wall" was based on)
12)Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles ("all the lonley people/where do they all come from?")
13) Hey You - Pink Floyd (UMan= pink, the fictionalized syd barrett and character in "The Wall")
14) Creep - Radiohead (could also be UMan's themesong)

well that's all I have.
feel free to add


Shaina Lu said...

Sara, this is adorable! I love it! Although I don't really have anything to add, I think it's really cool the way you think. I love how you always make comparisons to music. I wish I saw literature and art in music!
I really like your choice of "Creep" by Radiohead for Underground Man. The song is almost like Underground Man talking about Liza. The only thing I have a problem with is that in "Creep," the singer states "I don't belong here." I think, however, that Underground Man feels as if he does belong in the Underground or it could refer to the fact that Underground Man feels like he doesn't belong in Liza's world.

Shaina Lu said...
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