Tuesday, January 24, 2012


According to Wikapedia, Kafkaesque seems to just refer to something that is so complex that an individual can not comprehend it. It seems to refer to an unnecessary complexity meant only to confuse people so that they can not operate in the complexity. Since we've only read Metamorphosis, I don't really see this link in his work. Maybe there's something I'm missing?

(What would I do is SOPA and PIPA had been passed?)


alyb said...

Maybe the title can be considered "complex" Gregor undergoes a physcial metamorphosis but the family also has one as well. Upon first reading this novel you might think that the title only applies to Gregor, but it actually applies to everyone. Everyone changes after Gregor is turned into a bug.

Ravin S said...

Yep, I was watching Breaking Bad today and one of the characters said that his job was Kafkaesque referring to a really boring, emotion-less job. He found the job tedious with low pay and long hours. I definitely understood this reference to Metamorphosis when Gregor's job made everyone robotic and the company only focused on making money. Kafkaesque is a cool term.

ParkerC said...

I think it is annoying that people make up words like that to describe other things. unless it was the first novel to be pointless and bizarre than maybe but kafkaesque sounds kind of silly