Monday, January 9, 2012

Underground Man as Scrooge

Today, while re-reading the passage about Underground Man's childhood, all I could think about was Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. They were both sent off to boarding schools at a relatively young age with relatives that just didn't seem to care. They also both didn't really have friends while at school. I think it is really interesting that people, or characters as a reflection of real people, tend to be so severely impacted by their childhood and school experiences.


Mallory said...

This is a good comparison to underground man. I feel like he definitely possesses some of the qualities of Scrooge. I feel like Dostovesky tried to make the unground man a very unique character but he actually has many qualities of us and people found in different literature.

ParkerC said...

A lot of characters and people are shaped by what they go through and that definetly seems true for Uman. But, he is susceptable to things that happen to him and he lets it effect him much easier. Some people are more adamant and can handle things better