Tuesday, February 7, 2012



This is so great! It's a little segment from a Superman cartoon. It actually refers to some of Sarte's ideas such as the idea the death is inevitable and the necessity to create something out of one's life through the choices one makes. Be patient more of the direct Sarte references are toward the end.


ParkerC said...

I think a lot of comic books do this kind of thing, where they reference famous ideas and works. AFter doing a search, they're actually are comic books based on philosophers, such ashttp://www.comicvine.com/action-philosophers/49-23725/
Sartre and his other contemporaries had really good ideas

alyb said...

Sartre believed that death was absurd. As Mrs. Quinet said there are many absurd ways to die. Superman is not afraid of death and therefore he has surpassed the "absurdity" of death. It is really interesting that these philisophical ideas have relevance in pop culture.