Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Benjamin Franklin, but much more racy

So really not Benjamin Franklin at all. Actually basically nothing in common. Nietzsche often wrote these really just kind of racy aphorisms. I found a list of some of them that I think pretty accurately describe Nietzsche's philosophy and ideas. (Sorry the site seems a bit sketchy... it's mostly just the really creepy picture of the guy on the home page)


ParkerC said...

I think his little sayings are pretty clever and he definitely makes a strong point. And ProfRon is creepy. I really like this one: ...the just argument against a stupid head is a clenched fist. Nietzsche is pretty crazy

Mallory said...

That seems like Nietzche. He is racy with his thoughts and challenged many of the ideas of the enlightenment because he disputed the idea of rationalism.

christine said...

I looked up Ben Franklin's sayings and his are much more proverby and sweeter i guess. Nietzche definitely has a strong opinion and as Parker says, he's a little crazy. Heres the site that has all the Ben Franklin sayings: