Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So I found this pretty cool video about Sigmund Freud. It kind of seems like it gets cut off at the end but it's still pretty good. In the video they basically talk about Freud treating himself. He wanted to find the root of his own problems such as his fear of traveling, tendency to faint around talented male friends, and smoking addiction. He would use the "talking cure" and free associations of all his thoughts. I think it is pretty cool that he was able to self-psychoanalyze. That takes some serious honesty about yourself. However I don't self-psychoanalyzing may always be good. Think about the way Underground Man thinks. He is constantly thinking about himself and analyzing himself which caused him to cut himself off from the rest of society. Although Freud may not be an Underground Man, the implications of self-psychoanalysis could be dire. In my opinion this may be a simple as why generally lawyers refuse to defend themselves or better yet why doctors generally refuse to treat themselves. What do you think?

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sara said...

I'm not sure it's a good idea for anybody to psycoanalyze themselves because it seems like the point of therepy is to kind of have a second opinion. One thing we cannot do for ourselves is give ourself a second opinion.
Also, Freud reminds me a lot of Woody Allen. He's nerotic, apparently has weird phobias, reoccuring idea of sexuality... basicially the discriptins of his fainting/traveling problems sounded like an pretty typical Woody Allen character bio.

Also I was trying to figure out whether or not Freud really belived you could quit smoking with therepy or psycoanalysis or or something like that... anyway I found that Freud smoked and average of 20cigars a day for years and later he had 30 surgeries to try and remove his throat/nasal cancer but he didn't quit until he was nearing the end of his life... Anyway Freud was a chainsmoker which is sort of intresting because that whole "oral/anal" thing makes more sence to me. Also, Freud seemed to intrepret a lot of patients coping beviors/dreams etc as phallic symbols. Not that I'm trying to insinuate anything about the unmarried Freud sucking on cigars as a coping mechinism... (sorry freud but that's what you get for the rediculous idea of penis-envy.) Something else intresting about Freud: according to wikipedia, he was among the first and last to recommend medical cocaine.