Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shes up all night to get lucky

I was just watching a show that had a character that reminded me a lot of Teresa. They both felt that they were too weak for the people around them and ran away - like Teresa did when she went back to Prague to be in the land of the weak where she thought that she belonged. When Teresa returned, she was alone, but then ended up back with the same person that she was with when she felt she needed to run away. While in the show, she ran away to find people who cared about her and made her feel loved. In the end, by having these people around her who cared for her and loved her for who she was gave her the strength to go back and face what she had originally run away from. But in Teresa's case, she did not have the luck of being in the presence of someone who would lift her up like she needed. So instead she continually got worse. But when she had the affair with the engineer, Teresa gained a strange source of confidence for a short time. I believe this was because she found someone who found her attractive, and in return, she started to see herself as attractive. But unfortunately, that experience lost its validity when she realized that it wasn't genuine.  I don't believe that Teresa was truly weak. She was strong enough to leave her mother behind and support herself through this huge transition. Instead, I think she became weak because of Tomas's negative effects. He made her feel unattractive an unimportant, and she soon embraced it. I don't see how anyone could have been strong while staying in that situation. Teresa needed someone else to see the good qualities in her so that she could see them in herself.  From thinking of it this way, I now see Teresa in a different light. If she would have fallen in love with someone else, as the book reveals could have easily happened by chance, then she could have become a completely different person who was stronger, lighter, and less reliant on others. All of the different scales that Kundera uses to compare characters in the novel could have been shifted. So really, Teresa was just unlucky,

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Jack Zheng said...

While I agree that Thomas in a way victimizes Tereza and ensnares her, I think that Tereza would have become dependent on whomever she happened to fall in love with, if not Thomas. She was free to do what a strong person would do and simply leave Thomas (like Sabina did Franz), but she couldn't, and she didn't, because she grew too emotionally attached.