Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Recently my friend, who we are going to call Sarah, was bullied by a boy who we are going to call Nick. Nick, who is very strong physically, was bullying Sarah, a very small, weak girl, one night. Nick looked to all of his friends for support while bullying Sarah, but Sarah was strong and defended her self! Nick showed his weakness by joining behind his phone screen. This reminded me of Franz and Sabina. Franz who is strong physically, like Nick, is actually weak, and Sabina who is weak physically, like Sarah, is actually strong. Sarah defended herself and stood her ground while Nick hid behind a phone screen and called on his friends for support like the scared little boy he is inside. 


Jaclyn Murphy said...

I think its interesting that you paralleled this physically weak, emotionally strong friend to Sabina. That girl must see the importance in things in the long run. Sabina, though, unlike the friend, is not genuinely concerned with the future, since she is light. Franz is heavy, whereas Nick is light and continuously attempts to make light of a situation that Sarah finds important, or weighted. Franz is incapable of changing, as is Nick. Franz is also very insistent in sharing everything and making his life public. Nick, too, feels the need to express everything (even things unrelated to him) on social media. Sabina and Sarah both note the significance of privacy, especially on matters that relate solely to themselves and not others.

Belin Manalle said...

I completely agree with this. Sabina seems to be fragile and petite on the outside but is actually very strong on the inside, . She is full of fire and extremely capable of defending herself although on the surface it may not seem like it, just like Sabina. Franz on the other hand is big and strong and masculine on the outside but extremely weak and constantly in need of support internally, like Nick. In fact, in the book it is Sabina who breaks off the relationship without a problem and Franz is left weak and heartbroken. Also like Nick, (as Jaclyn also talked about) Franz feels the need to let everybody know his business as we see when he tells everyone about his affair with Sabina. In Nick's case, he had to let everyone know his business on social media. In a way these two characters/people are polar opposites in regards to their outer appearance and realistic personalities.