Thursday, August 20, 2015

Czech Background

It's super interesting for me to learn about all of this Czech background in literature, film and politics  considering the Czech influence in my family. Although I don't actually have any Czech in my blood since my great-grandfather married into the family, I still find it to be a very important part of my life especially since that is the entire origin of my name. My great grandfather's last name was Belinsky in Czechoslovakia and when he came to America he dropped the "-sky". It was especially interesting finding an article about a literary critic, Vissarion Belinsky, while researching for this project. In a very distant way, he could very well be related to my great grandfather. To think that someone possibly related to me could have been a prominent literary figure in Czech during this time is amazing. It'd be truly great if my great-grandfather was still alive and I could've had a first hand account of some of these events. That would've added a whole other level to the classes research and insight.


Antonio Imbornone said...

Today's class was very interseting. Entering, I expected to listen to mundane presentations about random works of literature and film that I have never heard of yet are known to be important works of literature at the times. Instead I found myself learning fascinating information about subtle protest and rebellion that artists, writers, and producers pushed through their works. I love the idea of filmakers and writers importing criticism and rebellion into their works and then publishing them illegally. I'm not sure if I'm more attracted to the idea of protesting against the state or simply one standing up for what they belleive in regardless of the consequences.

Jaclyn Murphy said...

I was also impressed by Thursday and Friday's class presentations. I thought I was just going to be lectured at, but I truly got into the information. I tried to imagine myself in the midst of my country's struggle for creative independence, and drew a greater appreciation for the struggling Czechs. While they were blacklisted, publicly embarrassed, and other cruel punishments by an pppressive foreign government, they never lost hope for the future. While they were afraid to stand up, many did and thus inspired others to do the same. Eventually, their persistence prevailed, and they were granted freedom. As Antonio said above, I was inspired by those Czechs who stood up for what they believed in in the midst of an international crisis.