Thursday, August 27, 2015


I was scrolling through Instagram and this showed up on my feed. Strangely, I was suddenly  reminded of kitsch. Kitsch, "the absolute denial of shit," is to completely ignore the bad traits of human existence. This post, similarly, is completely ignoring the hard work that body does to expel waste.  God created shit, in a physical sense, not as something to be disturbed by, but a natural bodily function. This post highlights humanity's negative perception of feces, whether personified or in a normal state. Kitsch, like shit, cannot and should not be overlooked, because the bad/gross/raunchy aspects of human behavior are just as much human, if not more definingly human, than any other positive quality in man.

(Note: I’m terribly sorry if this makes anyone grossed out or uncomfortable it was just meant to be funny and a pop-culture connection. Also, Ms. King/Mrs. Quinet, sorry if this was too unprofessional.)

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Jack Zheng said...

Your post reminds me of this image, also taken from the popular image-hosting site Instagram:

This also illustrates the repulsion of shit by our society in a humorous manner (although somewhat unintentionally).
Kundera argues that literal shit can be the single evil that defeats all of theism. According to him, while kitsch often brings us into groupthink, it is also an inherent aspect of human nature that is present in everyone's life to a degree. It could be used as a tool of oppressors to bring people into self-oppression and self-censorship, but sometimes it is required for some to find any meaning in life.