Monday, August 31, 2015

Macondo vs. Eden

Something I find very interesting is just how much Marquez alludes to stories from the Bible in 100 Years. He uses so many of these allusions to make Macondo almost seem "Edenic."
1) Jose Arcadio Buendia (I'm going to refer to him as JAB) comes to the area that is Macondo and establishes a space for living like God created The Garden of Eden for human beings to inhabit
2) When we first learn about the community, it is very new and untouched by outside influences, also like The Garden of Eden. There is no government and everyone happily works together in this sort of utopia society.
3) JAB is even seen like some God-like or "Adam" figure. He has taken social initiative and everyone has followed him to found Macondo and they followed him again when he wanted to open a way to put the town into contact with inventions. 
4) In the beginning, Macondo is so young that there are no names for anything yet so they have to point to things, like Adam was designated to name all the creatures God had created
5) JAB and Ursula picked up everything and left their original site because of JAB's sinning so Prudencio Aguilar's ghost could rest, similar to how Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden 
6) The first two sons of Macondo, Jose Arcadio and Aureliano, are similar to Cain and Able, the first two sons of Eden
7) Ursula is really the one who opens up Macondo to the outside world. This begins the acts of replacing natural things with technology. Ursula could be compared to Eve this way. Eve opened the world up to death and suffering similar to how Ursula did the same thing. If Macondo was not exposed to the outside world, it would have turned out a very different place for everyone. 
8) Ursula and her creating candy animals is very Genesis
9) Death has never visited Macondo, nor did death visit Eden
10) Outside influences lead to Macondo's demise. The knowledge the Macondians gain from the gypsies and inventions is similar to the "forbidden knowledge" Adam and Eve acquired- this knowledge led to their expulsion from Paradise.

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