Friday, December 6, 2013

I swear I don't support cannibalism

I really enjoy the part in Candide when Cacambo humorously pokes fun at the wastefulness of Europeans while speaking with the Biglugs. Think of it as if they were killing animals instead of people. I’ve always been against killing animals just to hang up on your wall and not even use the meat. I feel like most people can say the same. It seems pretty wasteful to throw away the meat and not even eat it. Basically, thats kind of what Cacambo claims the Europeans do. They kill their enemies and waste the meat but continue to kill more to satisfy their hunger. So in a way, the Europeans are much more savage do to their excessive killing. Although I don’t believe in cannibalism, I can see through the perspective of the Biglugs. What’s the point in letting good meat go to waste? Especially the meat of your enemy. 

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Kincy GIbson said...

I thought it was so funny when Voltaire told the story of how the men ate the old woman's butt cheek when they refused to surrender. Im going to admit that I am five years old because I laughed at every single one of his butt puns in the next few paragraphs.