Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blood Sugar

While reading chapter 19, when Candide comes across Mr. Vanderdendur’s slave, I instantly thought of the blood diamonds in Sierra Leone. In the 1990’s, the illegal trade of diamonds helped fuel a civil war in Sierra Leone and caused the death of many innocent men, women, and children. Some of you might have seen the movie Blood Diamond, which is about the recent conflict in Sierra Leone. In Candide, the slave explains, “Twice a year we get a pair of linen drawers to wear. If we catch a finger in the sugar mill where we work, they cut off our hand; if we try to run away, they cut off our leg. I have undergone both these experiences. This is the price of the sugar you eat in Europe.” Just like the sugar in the New World, whenever people find something valuable (ivory, diamonds ect….) in Africa, war and blood always seem to follow. Throughout Candide, it was sugar. In more recent years, it was diamonds. There always seems to be a devastating price for our demands.

P.S. If you haven’t seen Blood Diamond, I suggest that you do so.

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Miranda Martinez said...

This is interesting, Megan. I completely agree with you. It does seem like blood and war tend to follow humanity's "demands" or "desires." Since nothing is ever truly "free" there will always be someone/something that pays the greater cost.