Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Things One Finds on Youtube..

I have Mr. William's freshman World History class to thank for my all-consuming passion for "Three Minute Philosophy" videos on Youtube. Lucky for us, there's a video on Plato. The video describes everything from The Allegory of the Cave to Plato's views on Democracy to Plato's theory of Forms. Specifically, I think the video does a really great job of relating Plato's work with the modern world. Whereas we tend to laugh at the thought of majoring in Philosophy, Philosophers were essentially the Morgan Freemans of Ancient Greece. Meaning, everyone loved them and everyone listened to them.

I also found a rather, for lack of a better word, modern interpretation of The Allegory of The Cave. Beware, this video will either make you laugh or kill off a significant number of your brain cells. Or both. Surprisingly though, it does do a good job of visually connecting the physical interpretation of the  cave to its metaphorical interpretation.


Amy Clement said...

This is so funny that you posted this, because I did the same exact thing. After reading the allegory, I went straight to youtube. I had a hard time visualizing the cave so when I found the first video you posted, I had an "Ah ha," moment. I found the video, along with a couple claymation ones, extremely helpful. Somehow, I even found Plato's Allegory of the Cave explained through video games, which was not very accurate, but still entertaining. While youtube is usually seen a place just for music videos and flying cats, it actually can be an extremely helpful learning tool.

Ian Kuehne said...

I liked the Three Minute Philosophy video on Plato. I thought I'd mention that it begins with the beginning of Night on Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky and ends with the end Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. I have no idea what they have to do with Plato (probably nothing), but they're two of my favorite pieces of music.