Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rasputin's Hardcore Death

This is just a brief summary of the legend of Rasputin's death. As the story goes, and it is hard claim that it is anything more than just a story, a few members of royalty were unhappy with Rasputin because of his influence over the Tsar's family, especially the Tsarina, so they decided to kill him. They first tried to kill him by feeding him cakes and wine laced with insane amounts of cyanide, but he had built up a resistance through mithridatism (the gradual consumption of various poisons). When that didn't work, they shot him in the back with a revolver, but he was still alive, and when one guy came back later to see if he was dead, he got up and started choking the conspirator. After this, they shot him three more times, beat him badly, and threw him in an ice cold river. According to some, he survived the beatings and the additional gunshots and died from drowning in the river. Some reports even say that he sat up as he was being cremated. This story is probably all made up or exaggerated, of course, but it is still interesting anyway.

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