Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oskar's Maturity

         As I read through the book I kept drawing parallels between the maturity of Oskar and the children that I taught at art camp this summer. The four year olds cried when they wanted attention and refused to acknowledge that they were a "big kid" when they didn't want to color in the lines. The five year olds would constantly tell me how beautiful their artwork was or would fish for me to compliment their abilities. The eight through ten year olds would tease each other and bicker until I intervened. When I asked for each child's side of the story, they would refuse responsibility.
        Oskar behaved like these children even into adulthood. At first he refused to become a grown up. His egotism was based on a false sense of accomplishment. He refused to accept responsibility such as when he didn't confess to the robberies with other Dusters.

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