Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reflection on Uber Period in the Theatre

Starting this year, the thought of being in one class for over two hours seemed really intimidating. I soon realized that the "uber" period, as Mrs. Quinet calls it, actually presents some pretty cool opportunites. The group projects we did a couple weeks ago were a great way to learn the material while experiementing with new technology. I also really enjoyed spending our super long period in the theatre. It was fun to play around with different techniques ranging from the Greeks to modern theatre. I had never realized how much effort went into the Greek productions. Pretending to be the chorus showed me just how much time and coordination must have gone into planning the chorus alone.


Samantha Gillen said...

I completely agree with you Amy. When we use the uber period to delve deeper into what we're studying, such as acting as the Greeks did in the theater and throwing together a prezi on WWII art, I find we learn much more than we would have if we had split our project into two seperate periods. I think we should continue using the uber period to push our comfort zones and learn material in an untraditional style.

Joseph D'Amico said...

I really like the double period too. I like the extra time for projects and such in humanities, but it also helps in other classes too. In Latin, for example, when we were reading book six of the Aeneid, we had time to look up pictures of the actual ruins were the Sibyl of Cummae apparently lived and Michelangelo's painting of her on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (which I recommend looking up, just because of how ripped she is).