Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blog Posts

We've only been writing on this blog for two weeks now and I can already feel the ease with which I write increasing. My first few blog posts took about 45 minutes to write; now, I can write one of equal quality in just twenty. I also feel looser as I type. My ideas, feelings, and words arrive more effortlessly. I'm happy to say that our ritualistic blogging has paid off elsewhere as well! As I'm typing my 250 word writing supplement essays for colleges, I hear my voice/personality readily come through, a skill I'm sure wouldn't have been with me if not for these posts. So thank you, Ms. King and Mrs. Quinet, for making the college process in that regard a bit easier. I hope everyone else feels more laid-back writing their college essays because of these posts too!!!


msking said...

You're very welcome, Samantha! I'm so glad that you feel this way about the blog.

Megan Hoolahan said...

I agree Samantha! These blog posts are helping me develop as a writer. I definitely recognize the effects that routinely writing has on my writing skills. LIke you, it has helped me with my college essays. As I write for for this class, new ideas come to me about what to write for college essays. It has helped make college essays less intimidating.

Amy Clement said...

Colleges want "the real you," but after years of school telling you that your opinion doesn't actually matter, showing schools your perspective is very hard. These blogs have allowed me to express myself without worrying about how "intellectual" or "studious" I sound. Papers that I write are my ideas and my brainchilds but are not the "real me." I hope that throughout the years my blog post will further encourage the free flow of ideas, and the freedom of expression that is not often found in high school.