Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scottish Panama????

So guys and gals,

We often discuss the colonies in the "New World," I mean they're the reason we're here today. Usually when we discuss the american colonies, we talk about Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands to an extent, but why don't we ever talk about Scotland? Did you know that the Scottish colony was actually one of the primary factors that unified Scotland and England into the United Kingdom. It is absolutely fascinating to me that this topic isn't discussed more. In the 1690s, the Scottish were looking around in the Caribbean for a piece of the puzzle to grab for their own, and they saw Panama as a chance for enormous economic opportunity, for they would control the flow of goods through the middle of the Americas, for they thought that they could build the Panama Canal. The Scottish tried to settle in this land, however, this land was terrible to settle on and the only people that could successfully settle this land at the time was the Kuna native american tribe. The Scots put a hug investment in their Scottish colony, and it failed. This economic tragedy actually weakened Scotland to the point where the English could economically buy out the Scots and practically force them into the UK. Here's the link for the article!

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