Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quilt for college

Hey y'all! So this isn't anything related to exams, but it's definitely something related to this class. Some of y'all may have seen me working on/heard me talk about a quilt that I'm making. Basically, I'm cutting up a whole bunch of old t-shirts, pajamas, etc. that I have and making a quilt to take off to college with me (because no matter where I end up, it's gonna be cold). You may be thinking, "How does this have anything to do with Humanities?" I promise, it relates.

Seeing as Humanities takes up to 3/7 of every school day, I spend a lot of time with you guys (especially my AP Euro buddies, Mrs. Q and Tiffany). I have known every single one of you since I started StM in 3rd grade (even Bre, who didn't remember me...), each and every one of you have played a huge role in both my school experience and my life as a whole up to this point. That being said, it would mean the world to me if you would each contribute a square to my quilt for me to take with me when I leave St. Martin's.

Below is a picture of a part of the quilt that I have already completed. Each square is approximately 8 in x 8 in (if you don't feel like measuring, just give me the fabric and I'll do it). Pieces bigger or smaller than that would also be appreciated. Blue, green, gray, white, or black would be best but any color would work just fine. Old t-shirts or sweater or pajamas or anything really works.

Ms. King and Mrs. Quinet, I'd really love it if the two of you would contribute as well. As my teachers y'all have been so supportive and made senior year a blast so far (as I'm sure it will continue to be). Thank you.

It's been great serving with y'all all these years. God bless :)



Isabel Celata said...

Stoppp, you're making me cry. Love you, Iris!

Breuna Westry said...

Ahh Iris the part about me not remembering you. Even though I didn't I am glad we have the friendship that we do now. And of course I will contribute. I am making it my mission that you do not forget me.

Iris Mire said...

Bre, you're the kind of person that's incredibly difficult to forget. Actually, all of you are :)