Saturday, December 6, 2014

Candide and Forest Gump

The other day in class some of y'all said that you have never seen Forest Gump, which in itself is a crime because it is such a good (funny) movie. Like Candide, Forest is a gullible optimist who goes through life and experiences many different things. Funnily enough, the things he sees are cut and pasted into the movie from actually events in real life into a hilarious collage. Forest even has a love interest, Jenny, who only decides to be with him after she gets AIDS. Anyway here are three short clips from the movie, you may just find some other similarities between the two stories. Enjoy!

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Bonnie Cash said...

Quality movie, Ross! I watched it last night actually. Anyways, I agree with your qualifications about Forest. In the movie, Forest has a below average IQ, so much so that he barely gets into school. He, however, has good intentions and a huge heart. He is extremely loyal and dedicated to one love, like Ross said. Once he's committed to something, he's determined to achieve it. He has lots of companions he encounters. In particular, Martin reminds me of Captain Dan. It's really an amazing comparison, good job Ross!