Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prezi Presentation

I enjoyed seeing everyones presentations on their different topics. My favorite artist, overall, was Dore. I especially liked his depiction of The Gates of Hell that Miranda showed us. I agree with what Ms. Quinet said: it looked very much like a deserted wasteland. I felt despair when I looked at the engraving, which I think is difficult for an artist to invoke in his audience. As I kept saying in class, I also love the way he so vividly separates the foreground, middle-ground, and background in his engravings. Dore does a superb job playing with light in his engravings; a main characteristic of his engravings his darkened foreground and light backgrounds. I enjoyed Blake's artwork, too. It was colorful and, like Brooke stated, created a more lighthearted atmosphere than most of the other artworks we analyzed.


Amy Clement said...

I definitely enjoyed the presentation, too. I think that group projects we've been doing this year are alot of fun. I liked how this one was collaboration while allowing us to have the chance to delve into the scenes we found most interesting individually. My favorite artist would definitely have to be Rodin. I just thought his sculptures were breathtaking, even if they were fueled more by commercial success than by inspiration. His "Gate of Hell" were absolutely gorgeous, and his portrayal of Francesca and Paolo in The Kiss exceed the sphere of just Dante's readers.

Brooke M. Hathaway said...

My favorite artist was probably Gustave Dore as well. One article I read mentioned that it's as if Dante and Dore are having a "conversation" with each other. Dante's writing and Dore's art are so in sync. To me, the dark way in which Dore portrays various scenes from the Inferno, as we saw during the presentation, are almost a perfect representations of Dante's writing. I, personally, also love Blake's works. However, his depictions of Inferno are almost too lighthearted to really portray the darkness of Hell. Though he does a great job of representing the details of various scenes.