Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art of Charon

I was going to include this image in my presentation tomorrow, but I decided to just post it on the blog. This is a modern virtual representation of Dante's Inferno in a video game. The video game is much more violent of course, but seems to include the many of the characters. In this picture Dante is being ferried across a river by Charon (the purple head in the background). One of Dante's missions in the game is to cut off Charon's head in order to reach the next level (so maybe the game isn't so accurate.) The makers of the video game did a study to show that 85% of kids have actually heard about Dante's Inferno (but not necessarily have read it). Their marketing slogan for the game is that it is "educational"!

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Amy Clement said...

This is so funny that you are posting about the Inferno video game. I remember playing the game a long time ago and really liking it. Thinking back on it now, however, like you were saying, the game is totally inaccurate and a little frustrating, to be honest! The main plot of the game is that Dante has to travel through the circles of Hell to save Beatrice. Obviously, that is soooooo wrong. The whole point is that Beatrice, along with the help of St. Luce and Mary, is saving him. The game just plays into the stereotype that women are always the damsels in distress, even when they are the ones who are actually defending the men.