Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plato's Play-Doh

In general, I think Plato's philosophies are fascinating. The whole concept that what we perceive is not what really exists and we have no idea that it is just a copy of the ideal. I would have to agree with Ms. King that these concepts are interesting, but I do not believe in them. I believe that everyone perceives reality differently, but it is still reality that we can comprehend and see. I think that the perfect form that Plato speaks of is relative. For example, the idea that someone might be beautiful in appearance is something that is relative to the appearance of others. I do not think that there is some perfectly beautiful person in another realm that triumphs everything we can see on Earth. Plato's definitely teaches some interesting things.


Mallory said...

Cool pic, rav.

But I do agree with you. These points are very complex and sometimes hard to understand. Trying to grasp that there is a perfect form in another realm is a very strange idea. I don't really believe is all of that either.

christine said...

Yeah this concept of perfect forms seems a little far fetched...maybe this is the way they could explain things at their time. i do believe that everyone has their own vision of "perfection", however i agree with what ravin said about it being relative.

sara pendleton said...

ok... i love the playdough plato picture... and i also agree that plato's ideas are pretty strange and difficult to grasp. I think it's intresting how radically diffrent the sophists, rationalists, and platonists were. I think its intresting that they came from the same time period, culture, and country yet still have such differing ideas on the nature of reality.