Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Initial thoughts on The Apology of Socrates

I thought The Apology of Socrates was very good. Socrates totally shut down Meletus in his speech. Especially when he uses the example about the horse. He basically says horses, like humans, only have a few people they can go to that will actually benefit them. Meletus says all the Athenians can benefit the young, but Socrates says no, there are certain people who are teachers that will truly benefit them. This is a brilliant point that Socrates makes. Also, when he curses them it seems like he may have lost it, but he makes a reasonable and good point. That's all.

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Shaina Lu said...

I'm about half way through right now, and I agree, I am very amazed by Socrates and his speech especially since he says he is just speaking as he goes. It's pretty awesome how he turns Meletus' words against him.