Saturday, September 24, 2011


One thing I thought was really intresting about Oedipus was that he was relatable as a charactor. I think one reason this play is considered so well done, and maybe one reason people still read it, is Oedipus's accesible character. One thing that screen writers always tell you is that in order for an audiance to react to the material, they have to relate/sympathize with the characters. Oedipus is a man struggling with his frustrations at heavy responsiblity because he tries to take on too much; he's very human, his macho ego forces him not to accept defeat. Oedipus seems not to want to let anybody down, he has a lot on his plate but his decides he will handle it "like a man" because this seems to be the macho thing to do and Oedipus, as a king and leader, considers himself to be a tough-guy. (Maybe that wording trivilizes it, but I think Oedipus has charactoristics of a typical male charactor struggling to admit weakness in the face of insurmoutable adversity.) Oedipus struggles with this faith, being maybe a rationalist (even though he act irrationally towards other characters) he knows his people cant wait for a miracle and he take it upon himself to solve his peoples problems without sitting back and praying which he may intrepret as defeat (because he feels it's his responsiblity to make things happen.) Oedipus seems to be a pretty well rounded charactor to me, his flaws make him human I think.

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alyb said...

I agree that Oedipus is very relatable and in that packet we read for class it said that we read myths and such because we can relate them to our own lives. I think Oedipus' stubbornness was the most relatable aspect of his. There have definitly been times where I was unwilling to give up even though i shouldnt have been meddling in matters.