Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazon Myths

As I was researching the Amazon Warriors, I came across an interesting myth. It was said that they formed their own kingdom and government. Men were not allowed to come into their kingdom, but once a year, the Amazon women would visit the men's neighboring kingdom to ensure that their race would not die out. I thought this was significant because in the Aenied, women were portrayed mostly as bad and usually said no words, but the Amazon women were very independent and didn't even allow the men into their kingdom ever. Also, I found that in the Illiad, the amazon women were called Antianeirai, which means "those who fight like women."


alyb said...

I found that the Amazons believed that the father of their race was a god named Ares. The worshiped him and not suprisingly he was a god that was associated with war. They also worshiped Artemis, she was a vigin goddess that represented female strength. I also found that frequently in art the amazons are portrayed fighting with the greeks which I found kind of interesting.

sara pendleton said...

I thought it was intresting that the strongest women were the amazons. Even though women were forced into gender roles in Greece and Rome, the Amazons seem to contridict this. I think it's very intresting that strong warriors were described as "fighting like women" because this seems to contridict the female gender role in ancient Greek and Roman society.