Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cave Picture

I thought this was a good picture to show Plato's cave. It helped me understand what was going on inside of the cave and understand the story better.


mere said...

sweet pic!!

But honestly, I didn't understand the concept of the raised fire until I saw this, so thank you.

Ravin S said...

I think Parker's video definitely explains this concept very well, but this picture is very helpful as well Mallory. Am I correct in these:
The cave represents everyday life.
The imprisoned men represent average individuals.
The shadows represent our perception of reality.
The fire represents the sun.
The staircase represent the ascent into enlightenment.
Who do the puppeteers represent?

alyb said...

This picture really helped me out at first I had no idea where everything was espicially as meredith said, the fire. Ravin, im not really sure what the puppeteers represent but maybe they represent the philosophers or people who have gotten out of the cave. I think this because the puppeteers have to know that the shadows are not reality just as the philosophers are. That might be a stretch but I really cant think of what else they could represent.

christine said...

this picture helped me a lot. i think socrates didnt do a thorough job of describing the scene. i wonder if his audience were confused when hearing this...

i really didnt understand anything that was going on (as in how the scene was set up) but this picture really put things into perspective. especially with the puppeteers and the shadows being projected on the cave wall.