Sunday, April 17, 2016


I went to TCU this weekend to see some friends and the school. As most of you know, I have been set on LSU since I was a fetus. That hasn't changed, I am very excited to be attending Louisiana State University in the fall, but I do wish I kept somewhat of an open mind before deciding. Being at TCU was so interesting, it was my first time being at a college campus that was not LSU. I got there friday at about 1:30 so I had time to see classrooms, students, and I met some professors. I did not go on a scheduled visit, my friends brought me around I just thought it was so interesting seeing a different school. I could not be happier with my decision of LSU and I think I would have chosen LSU no matter what, just looking back on it, I wish I visited more places. Does anyone else wish they would've visited more colleges or done anything differently during their college searching process?


Abbey said...

When I was beginning my college search process, I had a very specific list of schools I wanted to apply to. I didn't really consider other schools that were not on that list and I very much regret having that kind of mindset. I didn't know where I wanted to go so I focused on colleges and universities with the popular reputations. Looking back, I wish I had applied to schools not on my list and I wish I had not applied to some schools that were on that list. Like you, I wish I had more of an open mind before deciding where I wanted to apply. I feel now like I wasted so much money on applications and time writing essays to schools I didn't even really desire to attend. Of course, it is too late now to apply to the schools I wish I considered applying to, but maybe I can look at this situation as a learning experience - take into consideration the less popular options and you might enjoy what you see.

Jac said...

I am very pleased with how I did my college search process. My parents were very on top of things, making me go visit various different types of schools that I was interested in. I knew that I wanted to go out of state, and I knew I wanted to stay in the south and attend a school that would give me as much of an enjoyable experience as a quality education. Like Abbey, I wish I hadn't spent so much money applying to/writing essays for schools I really had no interest in attending. I was very aware of the 3 or 4 schools that were at my top, yet I applied to 9 schools total. I am glad I went and visited various schools, because I was able to see how much I really enjoyed the school I decided upon (Alabama). I can easily relate this experience to Midnight's Children - it is difficult to settle in one place for a while, and it is a difficult decision to pack up your life and travel hundreds of miles away. However, it may result in something wonderful (or something negative) but it must be a risk you are willing to take.

Antonio Imbornone said...

I wish that I would've done a bit more research on different universities throughout my junior and early senior year so I could have a more informed decision about schools to apply to. I had a set idea of a few screws that I wanted to apply to but then ended up simply applying on a whim to multiple other ones, that at the time I had no interest in going to, but simply saw a free application and went with it. Just like my grandpa always said proper planning prevents piss poor performance, and I wish I would have planned a bit more. However on a positive note I find myself in a situation where I know that I will be happy over the next four years, and can't wait to start my journey as an aspiring young adult. #GODAWGS